Common Myths About Ticks

Myths even surround ticks, the small pest known for carrying Lyme disease which can be transmitted to its human victim. Myths create tension in the world and leave many people vulnerable to tick bites and disease. Take a look at a few common myths about ticks below and be sure to take all appropriate measures to protect yourself and property against this pest.

Myth: You Can Feel a Tick Bite

The reason ticks go undiscovered for so long is that their bites are virtually pain-free. You cannot feel when a tick bites or attaches itself to the skin.

Myth: Ticks are Only a Concern During the Summer

Summer is the prime season for ticks when they hide in weeds and tall grass. However, they can come out at any time of the year so protecting yourself against their dangers every season is important. For example, deer ticks are more commonly seen during the fall.

Myth: You Should Burn off a Tick

Use a pair of tweezers to remove a tick that’s attached itself to the skin. It is untrue that you should burn it off the skin, although many people choose to burn them once it is removed.

Myth: Ticks Only Jump on People in the Woods

Some people think that ticks are not a concern because they’re not out hiking or camping in wooded areas. This is a myth because ticks can be found virtually anywhere, in any grassy area. Precaution and protecting yourself is best!

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Protection Against Ticks All Year Long

Hire pest professionals to protect your home and business against the threat of ticks and leave one less worry on your mind. With the help of professional residential and commercial tick control belleville, myths like those outlined above aren’t so burdensome to your life.