The Janitors’ Work Repertoire Has Now Been Extended

It is now time to take a roll call. No, not that of the students, they are currently at home, one hopes, and studying very hard indeed. Just because they have been forced to stay at home does not mean that their semester needs to end. Having said that, junior and high school principals now have a never before experienced opportunity. You can run this through the school board in the meantime, if this is required of you.

Or you could run this through your state governing body. Because now that the classrooms and corridors are standing empty, the commercial janitorial services san antonio teams can now sweep in. They are always on standby, so they are ready to do their good deeds indeed. Indeed, they are doing so much more work these days. Commercially-oriented janitors’ work repertoires have been extended.

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And if necessary, their work hours could be extended. This of course, caters for emergencies and last-minute deadlines. Extended work hours should not pose much of a challenge for them owing to the fact that quite a number of them will have been quite used to working in shifts outside of normal business hours. This always made good sense before because it would have been quite awkward and highly inconvenient to their clients.

It runs counter to operations across the board. Rigorous and vigorous cleaning operations would not have been possible had staff members or students been rooted behind their desks. And how would staff be able to focus or concentrate with vacuum cleaners and floor polishing noises buzzing around their ears. As far as extending the work repertoire goes, this means taking on those maintenance and repair tasks that need to be filled somehow or other.